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    Instant Alerts As soon as we find out someone's applied for credit in your name, we'll send you an Instant Alert. If that someone was you, no problem. If it was someone else, like an identity thief, Instant Alerts help you fight fraud faster when every second matters.
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    Credit Score See your VantageScore® Credit Score and Grade by TransUnion. Find out what's impacting your score, where you rank among U.S. consumers and more. Update your score as often as you'd like.
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    TransUnion® Credit Lock Lock and unlock your TransUnion credit report right from your desktop or smartphone. Shield your report from prying eyes whenever and wherever you need to.
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    Debt-to-Income Analysis Get personalized analysis—including charts and graphs—showing how your debt affects your financial picture. See how much of your self-reported monthly income is going toward debt payment and how that may be viewed by lenders.